Daniel amos - horrendous disc

Daniel Amos went on to release TEN more albums AFTER Horrendous Disc , which is more than most bands release in their entire careers.
Stay tuned for the completed page which will include the Daniel Amos legal threats which ultimately went nowhere, and as an interesting footnote, the truth behind Larry Norman’s Barking at the Ants record cover which Terry Taylor is still complaining about, 30 years after the fact. These documents will once again illustrate that the Fallen Angel movie is not telling the truth, and that Terry Taylor and Company have a tendency to make “much ado about nothing.”

The album was dropped by Maranatha! Music after the label decided to quit releasing rock and roll albums and focus on children's releases and the new praise style of gospel music. So the band, now without a record contract, began to shop the project around to various labels like Curb / Warner Brothers . Word bought the tapes from Maranatha! and Larry Norman 's Solid Rock Records , home to such artists as Randy Stonehill , Tom Howard , Mark Heard , and others, leased the recordings from Word. Norman had the album mixed and took photos of the band for the album's cover. In July 1979, Norman released a test pressing with a different track listing and slightly different mix. This pressing was distributed to reviewers and extra copies were taken on tour.

Daniel Amos - Horrendous DiscDaniel Amos - Horrendous DiscDaniel Amos - Horrendous DiscDaniel Amos - Horrendous Disc