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Transmitting and Receiving MIDI Messages explained that devices typically have Receiver objects, Transmitter objects, or both. To play music, a device generally receives MidiMessages through a Receiver , which in turn has usually received them from a Transmitter that belongs to a Sequencer . The device that owns this Receiver might be a Synthesizer , which will generate audio directly, or it might be a MIDI output port, which transmits MIDI data through a physical cable to some external piece of equipment. Similarly, to record music, a series of time-stamped MidiMessages are generally sent to a Receiver owned by a Sequencer , which places them in a Sequence object. Typically the object sending the messages is a Transmitter associated with a hardware input port, and the port relays MIDI data that it gets from an external instrument. However, the device responsible for sending the messages might instead be some other Sequencer , or any other device that has a Transmitter . Furthermore, as previously described, a program can send messages without using any Transmitter at all.

Various The Sequencer Mini LpVarious The Sequencer Mini LpVarious The Sequencer Mini LpVarious The Sequencer Mini Lp